Update on the Future of ATX WoSo

Dear ATX WoSo community,

We want to share with you that ATX WoSo will no longer be launching a W League team, and we will instead focus on supporting women’s soccer in Austin and beyond through other avenues. This includes focusing on the Front Office Development Program, a nonprofit that will help women’s soccer players build their careers off the field, and supporting the existing women’s teams in Austin.

We set out on this journey with a clear mission to grow the women’s game in our hometown. But as independent and self-funded founders, we needed a level of certainty and stability to lay the groundwork for a well-run and successful team by this summer. Since we first announced our plans to launch ATX WoSo, circumstances beyond our control and external timelines
shifted while the women’s soccer landscape in Austin evolved. Based on these developments, we reached the conclusion that launching a new independent team isn’t the best path forward to support the growth of the women’s game in Austin.

We were blown away by the amount of support and enthusiasm ATX WoSo received from the community, and while we know many will be disappointed by this decision, we think it is ultimately for the best. We’re still incredibly excited about the future of women’s soccer in Austin and are committed to growing the game, just through different avenues.

All season ticket deposits will be refunded. If you have any questions, concerns, or haven’t received your deposit refund by the end of the year, please contact howdy@atxwoso.com.

With our deepest gratitude,

The ATX WoSo founders